Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are developing at a rapid pace and are fundamentally changing the landscape of the modern economy, which presents both great opportunities and major threats. In legal terms, AI adoption entails a large number of challenges, including in the area of ethics, privacy and data protection, regulatory compliance and legal liability. 

Companies that use AI and machine learning technologies must evaluate and assess not only the pros but also the cons of their application, including possible negative impacts on users and other related consequences. The business must approach the adoption and implementation of the AI technology with caution, employing necessary risks management and monitoring systems, organisational and technical measures, and other safeguards that ensure the reliability of the services and products based on AI technology. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) – selected legal services

AURUM helps both clients developing new disruptive AI solutions and those who are working on the deployment of certain AI and machine learning software or functionality into their products and business to understand the legal challenges and regulatory risks arising in connection with these technologies.

Selected legal and related services:

  • Due diligence and technical audit of AI and AI-based products.
  • Privacy and personal data protection compliance.
  • Obtaining and protecting intellectual property and ownership rights in the AI and AI-based products.
  • Development of risk management and monitoring policies and instructions, as well as the implementation of risk management processes.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Advice on ethics issues.
  • Advice on data management and security;
  • Development of recommendations on the implementation of organisational and technical measures, necessary safeguards that ensure the reliability of the services and products based on AI technology;
  • Development of user documentation for the AI and AI-based products, including the Terms of Service, Privacy Notice (Policy), disclaimers and, where necessary, risks disclosure statements and other documents.
  • Assessment of liability and risks in the contracts and torts.
  • Ongoing legal advice.