Capital Markets

AURUM provides sophisticated advice to clients looking to raise capital in the financial markets. Our practice covers the most efficient financial structures, including initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings, private placements and reverse takeovers. Our offerings include:

Legal support for capital markets transactions

Our professionals structure various types of local and international transactions, including:

  • Initial public offerings.
  • Secondary offerings.
  • Private placements.
  • Corporate recapitalisations.
  • Convertible instruments offerings.
  • Synthetic loans.
  • Structured finance and securitization.
  • Privatisation.
  • Derivative products.

AURUM works with all parties to the transaction, including issuers and lenders, and closely cooperates with other professional participants in the capital market. 

Capital markets – selected legal services

  • Comprehensive due diligence.
  • Assessment of the current business structure and advice on making modifications to increase transparency.
  • Development of a sophisticated and efficient corporate, legal and tax structure for the project.
  • Setting up the necessary entities and special purpose vehicles (SPVs).
  • Structuring the relationship within the group of companies.
  • Development of sophisticated corporate documentation. 
  • Implementation of the best corporate governance practices and standards.
  • Coordination of the various capital markets service providers involved, including broker-dealers, underwriters, investment firms and local lawyers.
  • Conversion of the financial statements into International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Advice on requirements regarding necessary disclosures of information.
  • Advice on AML/CTF requirements and the scope of their application to the company, development of necessary policies, procedures and instructions.
  • Advising on the privacy and data protection issues, GDPR compliance;
  • Development of the offering documentation;
  • Obtaining necessary permits from government regulators and supervisory authorities.