Blockchain and Virtual Assets

Blockchain and Virtual Assets

At AURUM we began focusing on virtual assets and distributed ledger technology early and as of today, our team has structured a number of sound projects ranging from London to Hong Kong. All this allowed us to gain a profound understanding of the industry, build strong expertise and gain valuable connections in this sector.

Legal for Distributed Ledger Technology

Tokenisation and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are among the key areas of our focus and while supporting our clients we constantly deal with different applications of the technology in fintech, real estate and other business.

Started from merely working with businesses whose interests involve blockchain, we are now passionate about this unique technology and the scope of its application.

Whether a DLT service provider, decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), payment provider or trading platform, AURUM has experience and knowledge of the industry necessary to help your project achieve success.

International Legal Support for Blockchain Business

Our practice shows that the absence of DLT business regulation in the vast majority of markets forces blockchain projects to adjust their corporate structures and relocate their legal presence, and sometimes even the business itself, to jurisdictions that provide a clear framework for their operations. Understanding this we have built a team of professionals with extensive international experience to address the most complex but essential issues arising with respect to the cross-border structuring of DLT business and its operations.

Currently, among services that we provide to blockchain-related business are :

  1. Legal structuring of business, including corporate and tax issues;
  2. Legal support for tokenisation and structuring of the underlying asset;
  3. Legal support for digital asset exchanges, OTCs, custodians, payment providers and other market players;
  4. Advice on applicable cybersecurity standards;
  5. Advice on the licensing requirements in target markets, including the U.S., European Union and Asian markets, if necessary;
  6. Advice on the risk assessment requirements;
  7. AML/CTF compliance;
  8. Data protection compliance;
  9. Advice on the protection of Intellectual Property and rights to it;
  10. Drafting contracts and other legal documentation;
  11. Legal support for token generation events, including both ICOs and STOs.  
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