Data Protection, Privacy and Security. GDPR Compliance

Data Protection, Privacy and Security. GDPR Compliance

AURUM has built a strong team of data protection experts who have worked at the top European law firms and advised some of the biggest EU corporations on the issues related to GDPR compliance. This allows us to provide legal advice and assistance on all aspects related to data protection and GDPR compliance.

Is GDPR applicable to your business?

Requirements of GDPR apply to any data processing activities conducted by companies located in the European Union, regardless of the place of processing.

GDPR further applies to the processing of personal data of European Union residents by companies established outside the Union in case such processing is related to one of the following:

  • Offering of goods or services to these data subjects;
  • Monitoring of these data subjects’ behaviour, if such behaviour takes place within the EU.

Is your business GDPR compliant?

In order to determine the state of compliance of your business with GDPR requirements, we have developed an assessment system that includes more than 50 questions that we will work on with your team.

Results of the assessment will be used to develop an adequate legal strategy for the implementation of GDPR requirements in your business.

What can our data protection experts help with?

  • Initial data flow and data protection audit;
  • Determination of the client’s role and responsibilities under the GDPR;
  • Conduction of data protection impact assessment in order to evaluate the nature and sensitivity of personal data and operations carried out with these data;
  • Advising on the ‘privacy by design’ requirements, adoption of necessary tools and instruments;
  • Advising on cross-border operations with personal data;
  • Drafting legal documentation required under the GDPR, including privacy notices, privacy policy, data processing agreements, etc.;
  • Preparation of internal guidelines, instructions and procedures;
  • Data security breaches management, including evaluation of risks, determination of procedures applicable to the breach and preparation of notifications to authorities;
  • Assistance in communications with data subjects and regulators.

Ongoing legal support

We can provide your DP Office with day-to-day support in terms of GDPR compliance, including managing privacy mailboxes, drafting responses to data subjects’ requests, revision of contracts and updating policies.

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