Tax and tax disputes resolution

Tax and tax disputes resolution

AURUM tax practice provides comprehensive support to the clients on various tax issues:

  • International tax planning, taxation in certain foreign jurisdictions;
  • Taxation of investment activities;
  • Taxation of transactions in the securities market;
  • Taxation of foreign economic contracts – trading, services etc.;
  • Taxation of corporate restructuring, M & A transactions;
  • Taxation of activities of individuals and entrepreneurs;
  • Obtaining individual tax consultations.

Tax disputes resolution

AURUM has an extensive practice of settling tax disputes. We have protected millions of dollars of our clients’ funds from tax claims and orders.

Dispute resolution includes the following services:

  • Legal support in the course of tax audit;
  • Determination of the strategy and following actions based on the results of the tax audit, assessment of the outlook and risks for resolving the dispute in the tax authorities and the court;
  • Preparation of complaints to the court and formation of evidentiary materials;
  • Representation of the company in the court;
  • Appealing against court decisions to higher courts;
  • Compensation of damages caused by illegal actions of tax authorities.
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